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GEO1 delivers intelligent aerial sensing and analysis through innovation, unwavering client support, and a relentless work ethic.

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Intense LiDAR Data

Our Riegl VUX1-LR scans up to 330 degrees for unique acquisition of complex landscapes. Multiple returns per pulse deliver ground points through dense vegetation and foliage.

Augmented Reality

Visualize real-time overlay KML graphics during the flight. Extensive Full Motion Video MISB-Compliant metadata is available for analysis within ESRI ArcGIS Pro and Global Mapper applications.

UAS Inspection

GEO1 lowers the cost and improves the safety of inspections with our in-house drone fleet. Sensors include IR, 100 megapixel imaging, and 4K video.

Airborne Data for Electric Corridors

Our Intelligent Aerial Sensing delivers LiDAR, UHD video, and high-resolution images. We provide a cost-effective solution for analysis of corridor vegetation management to meet NERC requirements. In one flight, our crews acquire a range of data from multiple sensors including LiDAR, UHD video, high-resolution oblique images, high-resolution orthorectified images, and radiometric IR sensing.

Ultra High Resolution 100 Megapixel Imaging

GEO1 delivers amazing high resolution imagery with our Phase One iXU-RS1000 cameras. The integrated Applanix AV410 delivers simultaneous INS data to both LiDAR and imaging sensors.