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Established in 2014, the award-winning GEO1 team enables creative vision through use of the newest lidar and imaging sensors. Our skilled operators uniquely configure each acquisition project to provide lidar and imagery that serves individual client needs. Our geospatial analysts are capable of providing a diverse range of data processing and analytic solutions, which include creating 3-dimensional digital models, colorized point clouds, and annotated datasets.
GEO1 was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism in partnership with USA Today for an extensive video and lidar survey of the USA/Mexico border. GEO1 also completed archeology scans in Ciudad Perdida, Colombia for National Geographic, as well as independently in La Mojana, Colombia. Both projects resulted in revolutionary insights into Pre-Columbian civilizations. GEO1 was also tasked with monitoring the Kilauea active volcano in Hawaii for USGS, and delivering several datasets of Mount Everest and surrounding glaciers for National Geographic Society.
Hardware and Software Innovation
GEO1 implements custom scripts and develops machine learning to produce the best solutions and deliverables. Our team prioritizes research and new ideas, promoting a culture which challenges and emphasizes evolving methodologies.
Exploring the World
Working in challenging locations on short notice is in our DNA, deploying for projects from the Arctic to the Amazon to Antarctica. We thrive while managing complex logistics and catering to the urgency of deliverables. Our team is ready to mobilize and deliver data anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

GEO1 is the geospatial survey division of the aerial cinematography company, Aerial Filmworks LLC. Together, we have completed projects in over 30 countries including lidar scans in Nepal, Colombia, and Hong Kong. Clients include National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel, PBS and USA Today.

GEO1 is proud to be a founding member of the Earth Archive, a scientific initiative to create a digital record of the world’s most biodiverse, culturally rich, and archeologically significant landscapes. The goal of the Earth Archive is to lidar scan endangered areas across the globe. The result will be a publicly accessible data archive that will serve both as a resource for scientists today and as evidence for future generations.
Innovation Hub and Training Center
GEO1 operates out of our hangar facility at Hawthorne Airport, just a few miles from LAX. The hangar functions as an in-house technological center, where we synthesize research and development for both software development and hardware integration.







Our Team

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Becky Giblin

Austin Wood

Areeba Nadeem

Anna Yoczik

Alexandra Lafayette


Geospatial Analyst

Project Lead

Geospatial Analyst

Project Lead


Gray Mitchell

Aerial Sensor Operator

Elizabeth Ruiz

Administrative Support

Catherine Morris

Geospatial Analyst

Chandler Tayek

Data Scientist

Hannah Yi

Project Lead

Ivette Valencia

Izabela Hamilton

Geospatial Analyst

Geospatial Analyst

Jennifer Oliva

Geospatial Analyst

Jorge Panchig

Geospatial Analyst

Josh Chapple



Natalie Hayabashira

Phil Carter

Geospatial Analyst

Aerial Operations Director

Kainalu Chun

Geospatial Analyst

Mariel Bermudez

Geospatial Analyst

Mark Gerasimenko

Aerial Sensor Operator

Ron Chapple

Sam Ainslie

Stephanie Ruiz

CEO / Founder


Project Lead

Susan Dempster

Senior Video Editor

Vivi Von Welczeck

Geospatial Analyst

Our Values



We pledge that our work will never compromise the safety of any individual or community.


We strive to present efficient solutions using cutting-edge technology.

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We commit to holding ourselves to high standards of scientific excellence and quality.


We advocate for the preservation and enhancement of community and ecological resilience.



We believe our work must impact and enhance our communities.


We celebrate promoting an organic and inclusive team culture.



We endeavor to make knowledge accessible for the better of society.


We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

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