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GEO1 Hangar: 3750 W 120th Street, Hawthorne, CA 90250
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Past Newsletters
GEO1 Emailer, 07/13/2022
While all the other pillars at GEO1 are foundational to the work that we do, safety is always the utmost priority. With every new project, a significant portion of the planning process is dedicated to considering the risks involved and how they can be mitigated. Beyond the planning stage, we continue to discuss and adjust workflows to ensure safety. This applies to every level of the workflow, and for every individual on our team, ranging from data protection and cybersecurity to workplace safety.
GEO1 Emailer, 06/29/2022
The winners of the CARIGEO ‘Your Caribbean Story’ were announced last week! Students from across the Caribbean submitted compelling and insightful projects demonstrating the use of GIS to assess and enhance sustainable development in their local communities. GEO1 sponsored the award for the best submission related to issues and resolutions regarding Climate Change. We hope this reflects how strongly GEO1 values and aims to encourage the use of GIS to address climate change and enhance environmental resilience across the world.  Josef Paty, a student at the University of West Indies, received the GEO1 award for his project ‘Planting Tomorrow in Trinidad and Tobago’. 
GEO1 Emailer, 06/14/2022
The GEO1 team travels the world for projects, and has always been compelled to promote ecological resilience through our work – like scanning immense glaciers in the Himalayas, or Hawaiian islands before and after volcanic eruptions. Lidar data of these landscapes are instrumental for research and preservation, and can be used alongside other datasets to measure change and monitor ongoing initiatives.
GEO1 Emailer, 05/25/2022
In 2021, GEO1 acquired lidar, RGB, and NIR imagery of the Muir Woods National Monument. The award winning endeavor was planned and executed in partnership with The Earth Archive, who will receive the data at no cost, to support their ultimate goal of lidar scanning and archiving environmentally significant areas around the world. The data will also be incorporated into the USGS 3DEP database and made publicly available to download for independent analysis.
GEO1 Emailer, 03/31/2022
GEO1 prides itself in employing innovative technologies and workflows to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions. One of the best examples of that is our process of acquiring high resolution imagery for structural integrity inspections. Using Falkor — our proprietary technology for georeferencing images — our team is able to produce high resolution images that contain metadata reflecting the location of the object being photographed — from transmission towers and oil wells to stop lights and street signs.
GEO1 Emailer, 03/09/2022
The GEO1 team has countless hours of experience acquiring and processing lidar data for various uses, and customizes each flight to ensure efficiency and data accuracy. We’ve collected thousands of electric corridor miles across the US for engineering, wildfire mitigation, and storm hardening initiatives, and know how to overcome the unique challenges presented by utility lines. 

The Regional Committee of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for the Americas (UN-GGIM: Americas) and the Caribbean Geospatial Development Initiative (CARIGEO), along with other partners and sponsors, are hosting the inaugural 2022 CARIGEO student competition. In this event, students are encouraged to find solutions for local issues through GIS, and expand knowledge of their community and environment by supplementing research with GIS analysis. 
GEO1 Emailer, 02/22/2022
We’d like to extend our appreciation to everyone who attended Geo Week 2022. The attendees truly contributed to the exciting and collaborative environment at the conference this year. We sincerely hope everyone had as rewarding and informative of an experience as our team did. If you still have any unanswered questions, or were unable to attend, please reach out to us! We’d love to talk to you about our unique technologies and comprehensive analytics, including utility inspection for structural integrity, vegetation encroachment, and clash detection.
GEO1 Emailer, 02/15/2022
GEO1 is proud to announce that the firm received multiple awards at the recent MAPPS Geospatial Excellence Awards.
  • The Geospatial Excellence Award for Small Projects to GEO1 (Muir Woods)
  • The Geospatial Excellence Award for Data Acquisition and Processing to NV5 Geospatial and GEO1 (Kilauea)
  • The Geospatial Excellence- Membership Choice Award to (tie):
  • GEO1 (Muir Woods)
  • NV5 Geospatial and GEO1 (Kilauea)
We believe these awards reflect the exceptional work of the GEO1 team and their constant efforts towards producing outstanding work. The awards were also made possible by the invaluable partnerships that GEO1 is fortunate to have with other firms in the industry.
GEO1 Emailer, 01/25/2022
We are pleased to announce that GEO1 will be at GEO WEEK in Denver, Colorado from Feb 6 to 8. Visit Booth 312 to learn more about our technologies and how our products meet the needs of clients in diverse industries. Meet members of the GEO1 team to gain insight into our practices and discover how we maximize efficiency without compromising quality.
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