Lidar (light detection and ranging) is synonymous with 3D laser scanning. Billions of points containing precise X, Y and Z values create a digital representation of scanned targets. Rich in metadata, point clouds are incredibly useful in many different industries and applications.

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GEO1 uses sophisticated technology to acquire high-quality lidar data from a lower altitude. Our Riegl VUX1-LR has up to a 360° field-of-view, enabling unprecedented coverage of canyons, steep terrains, and other complex landscapes.

Our lidar projects begin and end in the hands of our in-house team. Acquisition and system design is thoughtfully planned out, giving us the ability to personalize our data and our methods to best suit the client. Our team designed the first dual Riegl VUX1-LR and the first VQ480II/Phase One 4-Band System — a testament to our drive to incorporate innovative techniques into our work. Processing lidar allows us to offer fast turnaround speeds.

Platform Independent

Beyond designing our own scanner systems, the GEO1 team evaluates every project with a new perspective to determine the best sensor platform. Our sensors work on drones, helicopters, airplanes, and ground vehicles.