Pole Top Inspection

Lidar for Utility

Our unique system design positions two scanners to ‘paint’ both front and rear faces of the structures, while acquiring data of the cross-arms and hardware in an ‘X’ pattern. Maximizing data points on each structure, as well as point density, allows for exceptional analytical accuracy.


Asset identification in lidar allows us to correct existing data if provided with inaccurate or incomplete geographic data. The corrected location of an asset, which we extrapolate from lidar, falls within 1 meter of the asset’s true ground location.

Structural Integrity

We combine precise lidar, high resolution aerial imagery, and geospatial data to produce a unique and powerful solution. Our imagery, acquired from a helicopter at a safe above ground level (AGL) delivers photos with engaging detail to inspect the structure for cracks, missing cotter pins, and flashed-over insulators.

Wildfire Mitigation

The combination of data produces a unique yet powerful solution to wildfire mitigation efforts in the utility industry. The three part approach includes providing an efficient method for evaluating structural integrity of individual assets, as well as clearance analyses to prevent vegetation encroachment and wire clash.