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Privacy Policy

We use technology like cookies to store information about your experience on our website. This information can not be used to identify you, but can recognize data about you like your browser, your device, and your activity as you interact with our site. 
We respect your privacy. If you feel it necessary to change our default privacy settings, you are encouraged to do so.

Site Functionality

We store data that is necessary for our site to function. This includes any information about your direct interactions with our site, such as a request for information or completing a form. This does not store any information that can be used to identify you, and cannot be disabled.

Performance and Analytics

We store data about the traffic we receive on our website. This information allows us to identify how many people are visiting our site and ensure our site performance is not compromised when experiencing high traffic. This data is anonymous and only represented to us as a cumulative number. If disabled, your time on our site will not be reflected in our visitor count.

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