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GEO1:1 provides the following services to our clients. With in-house lidar acquisition and processing, we conduct geospatial analyses to fully harness the power of lidar. 

Digital Twins

A digital twin is a replica of a physical environment created with imagery and lidar. Digital twins offer an exciting opportunity to create simulations and allow for a level of interaction that can revolutionize the way we prepare for emergency scenarios, interact with the built environment, and track construction projects. This technology is also revolutionizing the film and entertainment industry, dramatically enhancing the efficiency, quality, and scope of VFX.


Lidar has the ability to produce incredibly detailed topographic surveys, a strength that is proving to be invaluable in the world of archeology. Lidar scans can uncover ancient ruins — from a single campsite to a lost city — that would otherwise remain hidden under years of overgrowth. Beyond the initial discovery of archeological sites, lidar can be used to inform researchers of the surrounding area, providing an unprecedented level of information for planning access and research.


Aerial Imagery

We acquire high resolution aerial imagery for many different use cases and industries. From scientific documentaries to high-fire risk assessments, capturing the world from above proves to be a unique and compelling solution. Additionally, combining imagery with lidar and geospatial metadata provides an efficient method for harnessing the power of survey data. 

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