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Vegetation Encroachment Reports

In-house classified lidar is analyzed to identify instances where vegetation is within a designated distance from conductors or electrical hardware, and where vegetation has the potential to fall or grow into the conductors. The data is then categorized into priority levels in a CSV file and visualized in a Google Earth KML.


Data point clouds can be classified into feature types, such as conductors, poles, vegetation, and ground. Classification initiates the foundation for exploring relationships between objects and highlighting areas of concern, such as vegetation in proximity to conductors, or investigating the angle of individual poles relative to the ground. Feature types can also be isolated and analyzed individually.
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 12.51.10

Refined Model

3D model of structures and encroachment, derived from lidar data, can be exported as a kml file for viewing, planning, and continued analysis. This streamlined, yet highly accurate, version offers a unique opportunity for an efficient macro-level analysis of the network.
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